South Africa & The Recycled Board Program

Share The Stoke Foundation has partnered with several organizations called Waves For Change, 9Miles Project, The Surfer Kids, Aleph Foundation, Surfers Not Street Children, Western Province Development Surfing, Pelsrus High School and Surf Shack Outreach in South Africa. This ambassador team is at the heart of teaching life skills to kids who desperately need role models to survive. Waves For Change is a pioneering HIV education and leadership training program rooted in surfing for young adults from the townships of South Africa. Our partnership with these organizations is perfect in that we all believe that teaching leadership is pivotal for children globally. STSF provides recycled surfboards to some of the children in the programs that excel at leadership. Together we have hosted the first ever black South African Surf Contest. In 2014 we launched our skills development program. This will include how to repair boards and fin manufacturing classes. Also, in 2014, fifty Firewire surfboards were delivered and distributed to various organizations throughout South Africa. We were able to make large donations at the Mr. Price Pro and the JBay Open. Help us in this fight to educate South African groms and get them surfing.