Josh Burke and The Barbados Crew

STSF and the Burke family made a huge impact in Barbados for local kids.  Because they are so dialed into the surfing community it made perfect sense to work together.  We spent the day improving the beach by picking up large amounts of plastic and trash and disposing of it properly.  The Burke’s talked about why it is essential to care for our beaches and to take care of mother nature.

Josh and Alan had pre-selected ten local kids who have a good attitude and are leaders among their peers.  Each of these kids received a brand new Firewire surfboards compete with FCS gear and Sticky Bumps wax.  Several of the kids we absolute rippers so we got to film and shoot while they showed off their finest surfing skills.

STSF is eager to grow the Barbados junior surfers  program and revisit again in 2015. The kids who live on Barbados have amazing waves and we want to make sure that all the kids that want to surf are able to on quality equipment.